100 Interesting Facts About Tech Companies | 100 Fun Facts About Tech Companies

Funniest and Unbelievably Interesting Facts About the World's Biggest and Most Popular Tech Companies

Welcome, all of you. Today there are few such tech companies in the world, which have maintained their dominance in the whole world today. 

Due to these technology companies of today, our world and humans have changed a lot. In the early days, we did not get to see so many companies, so we had to face a lot of problems, for example, in olden times we were different. 

Different types of devices were used for different types of work, but today because of the smartphone, we can do a lot of work with one tool.

Interesting Facts About Tech Companies

Today, from small to big tasks, we can do all kinds of work with some kind of machine or any kind of online service, due to which our energy, our time, our money is being spent less.

Today the whole world is going in a new direction because of many such tech companies like Nokia, Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Tesla.

100 Interesting Facts About Tech Companies

So friends, today we are going to tell you some interesting facts about such world-famous tech companies which you have never heard of. 

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So friends, let's see the 100 best interesting facts about tech companies and increase your knowledge.


Interesting Facts About Tech Companies

1) Apple was the first company in the world to make the world's first digital color camera.

2) The name of the Apple iPod was inspired by the 2001 film A Space Of Odyssey.

3) Currently, Apple is the largest publicly traded company in the United States.

4) Every iPhone ad from Apple is shown at 9:41 AM as this was the time when Steve Jobs unveiled the original iPhone in 2007.

5) Steve Jobs dropped his first iPod prototype in an aquarium to prove it still had free space and could be made smaller.

6) In 1986, Apple launched a clothing line, but Apple did not find any success in this. The collection included shirts, pants, and sunglasses, along with other items such as a watch, chair, or even a sailboard.

7) Apple was the first private company in the world to reach a market value of one trillion dollars.



8) The original name of Google was Backrub, but later the company was renamed Google.

9) For some technical reason, Google Peg was not available for a minute on August 16, 2013, during which time global Internet usage was reduced by 40%.


10) Google wanted to sell its search engine system to Yahoo in 1997 for $2 million.


11) Google Translate, a language-translation tool from Google, supports more than 100 languages.


13) If you search Do a barrel roll on Google, then you will see the search result rotating.


14) If you search Blink Html on Google from Deskstop Mode, then you will see the search result blinking.


Interesting Facts About Tech Companies

15) The fastest Amazon order ever was a four-pack of Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino for a customer in Miami, delivered in less than 10 minutes.


16) Amazon.com is the 10th most visited website in the world.


17) Amazon.com was once down for 49 minutes and the company missed out on nearly $5.7 million in sales.


18) In the early days of Amazon, when it only sold books, every time someone made a purchase there was a bell in the office.


19) Every employee of Amazon.com, up to the CEO, works at the customer service desk for two days out of every two years. This exercise helps all workers understand the customer service process.


20) Amazon Logo We get to see a smiling face from A to Z which shows that the company is capable of delivering any kind of thing to any place in the world.

21) Jeff Bezos, the creator, and CEO of Amazon is the richest person in the world.


Interesting Facts About Tech Companies

22) According to the Fortune List 2006 survey, Nokia is the 20th most admired and trusted company in the world.


23) The world's first commercial GSM call was made in 1991 in Helsinki over a Nokia-supplied network, by the Prime Minister of Finland, Harri Holkari, using a Nokia phone.


24) The world's first satellite call was made in 1994 using the Nokia GSM Handset.


25) The name 'Nokia' is derived from the river Nokianvirta, on the banks of which the company was established. Nokianvirta was named after an old Finnish word, which originally meant sable.


26) Nokia never produced phones starting with the number "4". In many parts of Asia, "number 4" is considered an unlucky number because it sounds like the word for death.


27) 6110 This handset was announced in December 1997 and was the first phone that came with the popular "Snake" game.


28) The Nokia company was originally started in Finland in 1865 as a paper pulp manufacturing company.

Tesla Car

Interesting Facts About Tech Companies

29) Tesla was started in 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Mark Terpening but was soon joined by Elon Musk who led the Series A investment. 

Tesla's primary goal was to commercialize electric vehicles.


30) There are a total of four models of Tesla Motors, which are Series S, Series E, Series X, Series Y on these names, which if combined then form the word 'SEXY'.

31) Tesla Roadster Achieves World's Fastest Electric Car Record in 2020 “With record-setting acceleration, range, and performance, 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds, 0-100 in 4.2 seconds mph, can cover a full quarter-mile sprint in 8.9sec and a top speed of over 250 mph.

32) Tesla Cars The company got its name from Nikola Tesla.

33) Tesla Motor's largest shareholder and CEO is Elon Musk, who is ranked first as the world's richest person in 2021.


Interesting Facts About Tech Companies

34) According to Xiaomi, MI stands for "Mobile Internet" in its logo, but it could also mean "Mission Impossible" (not the movie, though) that the company has hinted at to address several challenges.


35) According to the International Data Corporation, Xiaomi sold 27.6 million smartphone units in the third quarter of 2017, making it the fifth-largest smartphone maker in the world.


36) Xiaomi is the second-largest Wearable Technology company in the world.


37) Xiaomi established its sub-brand Redmi on 6 July 2013, which is quite famous in India and other countries.


38) Xiaomi is the only company that produces smartphones as well as all kinds of products for the Dialy Needs of humans.

39) Xiaomi is also known as China's Apple because most of Xiaomi's products are inspired by Apple's products.

40) In 2015, Xiaomi set a new Guinness World Record for selling the most smartphones on a single platform in 24 hours.

The company offered various discounts during its annual fan festival and sold exactly 2,112,010 smartphone units on its website.


Interesting Facts About Tech Companies

41) Microsoft was initially spelled as "Micro-Soft", which corresponds to the names, "Microcomputer" and "Software".

However, when the company was officially registered in 1976, the company kept the name “Microsoft”.


 42) Microsoft initially named its first version "Interface Manager" rather than Windows 1.0, but it was suggested by the marketing team that the "Windows" name would be more catchy.

43) The employees working in Microsoft are known by the nickname 'Softies'.

44) In the year 1987, Bill Gates, the creator of Microsoft, received the title of the youngest billionaire at the age of 31. Due to this, in 1995, Bill Gates became the richest person in the world.


45) The default background wallpaper of Microsoft's operating system 'Windows XP, which is the most viewed picture in history.


46) In the year 1997, the Apple company was going to be bankrupt, but at that time Microsoft had invested 150 million in Apple, due to which the Apple company was saved from being bankrupt.


47) In the year 1994, Microsoft together with Timex made the world's first smartwatch.


Interesting Facts About Tech Companies

Facebook is also now known as META [ changed its name in 2021 ].

48) Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg and his Harvard College roommates. Initially, Facebook was named Facemash, after that Facebook was named.


49) Facebook is the third most popular site in the world. It is the most used website after only Google and YouTube.


50) 71% of American people use Facebook. This is considered a huge statistic since only 38% of Americans use Instagram and only 23% use Twitter compared to Facebook.


51) Women use Facebook more than men. A survey by Pew Research Survey found that 75% of women use Facebook, compared to only 63% of men.


52) Facebook users have uploaded over 250 billion photos to Facebook so far. This means that 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day.


53) Most people are active on Facebook at 8 am and 10 pm on Facebook.


54) According to Facebook, about 3 to 4 percent of their total active users have maintained a fake account. But later, Facebook reported that they had identified about 3 billion fake accounts from 2018 to 2019.


Interesting Facts About Tech Companies

55) Alibaba was founded by Jack Ma in 1999 with an initial round of $60,000 investment in just under two hours with 18 people.


56) Alibaba controls more than 80% of China's huge B2B online commerce operations and connects Chinese manufacturers to the world.


57) Alibaba has more than 300 million customers which are more than the population of the US.


58) In the One Single Day Sell in November 2013, Alibaba recorded sales of over $5.6 billion, becoming the largest selling company in the world.


59) Alibaba works with its three main e-commerce sites, which are Taobao, Tmall, and Alibaba.com, in which millions of people use these websites every day.


60) Alibaba founder Jack Ma has a net worth of $50.5 billion, which makes him the third richest person in China.


61) More than 50% of parcels sent to China are shipped from Alibaba.


Interesting Facts About Tech Companies

62) IBM The company that developed the first smartphone in the world. The device was named 'IBM Simon Personal Communicator. It was launched back on 23 November 1992. It was designed by IBM and manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric.


63) IBM is well-known for its research and innovation in new futuristic technologies and this is one of the primary characteristics of the company. 

Since 1920, IBM has received over 150,000 US patents. IBM has the most patents in the world.


64) IBM is one of the largest employers in the world, they have more than 350,000 employees worldwide, only 30 percent of them are based in the United States, India has the largest number of IBM employees.

65) The IBM company has been working with NASA for a long time and they have worked together on several missions, the most famous of them all being the Moon landing in 1969.


66) IBM has created many supercomputers, among them the most powerful supercomputer 'Watson', which is considered quite powerful.


67) IBM is the world's second-largest technology and legacy company which celebrated its 100th birthday in June 2013.


68) IBM became the first company in 2008 to acquire more than 4,000 US patents in a matter of one year.


Interesting Facts About Tech Companies

69) When you think of smartphones, the first two brands that come to mind would be Apple or Samsung but Huawei has overtaken Apple to become the second-largest mobile phone maker in the world.


70) Huawei sells its smartphones all over the world, so globally it has been given the title of the world's second-largest smartphone company.


 71) Do you know that Huawei is completely banned in the United States of America (United States), Huawei cannot sell any of its products in America.


72) The world's first triple camera smartphone was made by Huawei, which was named Huawei P20 Pro.


73) Huawei's China Research Center is named RND Center, also called White House because RND Center looks like White House.


74) Huawei earns the most money from its telecom equipment and not from mobile phones.


75) Huawei changes its CEO every 6 months.

Reliance JIO

Interesting Facts About Tech Companies

76) Mukesh Ambani invested Rs 1,50,000 crore in Jio. This is probably the highest investment by a company for its start-up.


77) The company was earlier known as Infotel Broadband Services Limited and was renamed Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited in January 2013.


78) Reliance Jio It is the largest mobile network provider in India.


79) Reliance Jio This is not only India but the world's largest and first 4G only network, in which we do not get to see 2G, 3G network.


80) Before the arrival of Reliance Jio, India was ranked 155th in mobile usage, but only a few years after the arrival of Jio, India came first in the world in using the Internet.


81) Reliance Jio in its initial days, in just 170 days, 10 crore people had joined Jio.


82) Because of the Jio Phone, Kia Operating System has become the third most used OS in the world.


82) The Intel company was started by the founders Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce and initially the company was named 'NM Electronics', later it was Intel.


83) After the company's founding on August 2, 1968, Intel released its first product, a 64-bit bipolar memory module called the Intel 3101.


84) In the year 1972, Intel had shown interest in making Digital Watch, for this Intel had bought the famous watch manufacturing company 'Micromax' but later Intel sold this company.


85) Intel has a museum located at its headquarters in Santa Clara, California. The place houses various historical artifacts and information related to the tech giant.


86) In 1968 when Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore started the Intel company if it had earned only USD 2672 in its first year, that was quite a lot as of now.


87) Intel has a subsidiary named IMC or 'Intel Mobile Communications, which works for Intel's mobile research and development division.

88) In 1976, Intel launched the world's first single-board computer called the ISBC 80/10.


89) Let me tell you that SONY is the fifth-largest TV manufacturer in the world.


90) Sony's Playstation 2 It becomes the world's most sold and bought gaming console to date.


91) SONY ranks third in the world in terms of manufacturing digital cameras, with Canon in the first position and Nikon in the second.

 92) The world's first smartphone with a 4K display was also made by SONY, which was named SONY Xperia Z5 Premium.

93) These days we get to see a 3.5mm headphone jack in all the phones, but first, in the world, it was brought in Sony's mobile-only.


94) We also got to see the world's first OLED TV from SONY.


95) We also got to see the world's first Pocket Music Player “Walkman” from SONY.


96) At the time of the formation of the SONY company, SONY was named TTK (Tokyo Tsushin Kenkyujo), 12 years later the company was renamed SONY.

97) SONY Music is the second-largest music company in the world.


98) SONY's first product was a Rice Cooker, which was not able to show that great in the market.


99) SONY Earlier this name was kept SONNY which means youth, but the company was named SONY to remember it easily.


100) During the advertising of SONY Mobile, the time of 10:35 is always shown on the mobile phone.

There were some such Smartphones of SONY which came on Firefox OS along with Android OS, one of which was SONY XPE.


So friends, here are some fun facts about tech companies. We hope that you must have liked the information given by us. If you want to ask any question related to it, then you can comment on us on our website. 

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