Why Is the Internet Not Working on Mobile? Fix Network and Internet Speed

Why Is the Internet Not Working on Mobile? Fix Network and Internet Speed

Friends, many times it happens when we are running the internet by turning on the net in our phone, then suddenly the net becomes slow or our network also disappears.

So what to do in such a situation, friends, there can be many reasons behind this, such as the company whose sim you have installed, maybe there may be a fault in its tower itself or the internet service has been stopped immediately by the government in your area due to some reason.

So let's go to today's article, why is the Internet not running? We will tell you that if your internet is slow or your entire network has disappeared, then what are the methods in this case which you can try and fix your internet problem. 

Internet Not Working on Mobile

If you will read our entire article from beginning to end, then you will completely become an expert in this thing that should be done when the internet is slow or the net is turned off.

Well, friends, there are many reasons why the internet is slow or there is no network at all. 

Let’s know the reason behind it.

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Why Is the Net Not Working? Reasons Behind This and Easy Ways to Increase Net Speed

Friends, now I am going to tell you some reasons why the internet is slow or the internet is not running at all. Now how to check those reasons and how to fix them, let us know about it step by step.

Due to Network Coverage Area

If your internet is not working on your mobile phone or laptop or is running slow then you should check the network strength of your sim provider in your area i.e. the area where you are living where you are using the internet. 

How much network is there for your SIM card provider in that area?

That is, if your area is in a no network coverage area, then it means that the network of that company is coming slow - down in your area. 

In such a situation you can wait for the network to recover or you can call the customer care and inform them about this or else or You can also complain about your problems.

Check Area Network Strength

To check the network strength of your SIM provider in your area, you can check through your SIM company's app or website or you can also find out by calling customer care service.

Or you can use any third-party website like Ookla which is a very big internet-speed test website. 

So through this speed test website, you can also know the network speed of your area.

Due to the wrong APN setting

wrong APN setting

The reason why the internet is slow or not working at all may be due to your APN settings.

To fix this, you need to reset your APN settings and reset it to defaults or call customer care and ask for your APN settings and install it.

Reasons for Choosing the Wrong Sim Card

If your internet is not working at all, then after following both the above steps, you should check in your phone whether the icon of the network's sim internet is visible on your mobile or not.

Such a problem can come to you only when you are using 2 sim cards on the same smartphone. 

It happens that we keep one sim for some other work and the other sim card to use the internet.

If there is a similar case with you that you have not recharged with one sim card and use internet service by recharging with another sim card.

Then you have to go to your phone's settings and click on the sim card and mobile data, then you will get the option of mobile data a little below, then by clicking on it, you must check whether the SIM card which you use the Internet is the SIM selected or not. 

Due to Temporary Network Problem

Sometimes, friends, there may also be a problem with the temporary network, about which you can get information by calling customer care. All SIM provider companies have different customer care numbers.

Reliance Jio Customer Care Number India

Jio Query


Jio SIM toll-free


Plan Validity & others






For Other numbers


For International Roaming


Jio Phone & Jio-Fi


Jio Fibre


Online Shopping


Vi Customer Care Number Prepaid and Postpaid

Vi Helpline Number Details

Vi Contact Number      

Customer Helpline (Vi Number)


Customer Helpline (Long Code)



Complaint Helpline (from Vi™ Number)


Complaint Helpline (Long Code)


VAS Deactivation


Do Not Disturb


Data Activation/ Deactivation


Tele verification 


Mobile Number Portability Helpline




Sakhi Helpline


Emergency Alert (Sakhi Helpline)


Airtel Customer Care Number Prepaid and Postpaid

Airtel Helpline Number Details

Airtel Contact Number      

Customer Helpline SIM


Customer Helpline Broadband


Complaint Helpline DTH


Complaint Helpline


Number Portability (MNP)

1800 103 1111 

BSNL Customer Care Number

BSNL Helpline Number Details

BSNL Contact Number      

Helpline From BSNL numbers

1500 (BSNL Landline)

Helpline From other mobile & Landline

1800-345-1500 (BSNL Landline)

Helpline From BSNL Numbers

1503 (For GSM SIM)

Helpline From other mobile & Landline

1800-180-1503 (For GSM SIM)

Helpline BSNL mobile or Landline

1502 (CDMA)

Helpline from other mobile or Landline


Complaint Helpline


Customer Helpline Broadband


Helpline from other mobile or Landline


Leased Line Call Centre


Enterprise Services toll-free no.


We hope that you have found your telecom operator customer care number. Now you can make a call to your Service provider to resolve your SIM-related problems.

Reasons to choose wrong network mode between 2G, 3G, 4G

Friends, if there is a good 4G network in your area and there is no problem in your SIM selection, then one of the reasons could also be that 2G and 3G have not been selected instead of 4G in your phone.

Although if you use a Jio Phone, then 4G LTE is already selected in it, if you are using another company's SIM card - mobile phone, then the given services like 2G and 3G in it.

Go to your phone's settings and after clicking on the sim card and mobile data, select your SIM card with which you used to use the Internet or in which you had recharged, as soon as you click on that SIM card. 

You will get an option like network mode below, then you select 4G by clicking on it, which will connect your 4G network and you will be able to use the internet very comfortably and at a fast speed.

Reasons to Use the Internet in the Wrong Place

Use the Internet in the Wrong Place

Friends, many times it happens that the network connection of the SIM provider company whose internet service we use may not be able to reach us. 

Because the power of their network is a little slow in our house or room is very much inside. There are walls or many houses due to which you get slow net speed.

If you are using the internet inside your house or in any such place where there is a wall from all around or you live in a village area, then perhaps your SIM provider's network will not be able to reach there, you can inform the customer.

If you live in a rural area, then first of all check whether your SIM provider company has a tower installed or not.

In such a situation, if you see which tower is near your village or your house, which company tower they belong to, you should use the SIM of the same SIM provider company! 

Due to More Users of Sim Card of the Same Company

One reason can also be that in the area where you live, probably most of the people there use SIM cards of the same company as you, if this is the case then you will have to face very slow internet.

Often it happens that if a tower of that company is installed in your area and the amount of network that the company provides, if more people start using the same network than there, then the internet becomes a little slow.

Due to the Expiry of the Pack Validity of Mobile Data

If your internet is not working at all, then maybe your internet or mobile data is out of date, once you must check in your message inbox or you can know with the help of your network service provider's.


Friends, I hope that we have liked this today article about why the internet is not working and we hope that all your problems related to it have been solved with the help of this article if still, nothing happens then, once you turn on the flight mode of your phone and after that, you must restart the mobile device once.

If the above methods do not work, then you can also change the slot of your SIM card and see that there is a problem in your SIM card in which it is installed and you can also see the network of that company in other's families and friends phone so that you To know whether this problem is only for your device or in another mobile device too.

The best step you can do is by calling customer care, customer care will help you in every way.

We hope that you will find the information given by us useful. If you like the information, then definitely share it with your friends. 

If you want to ask questions, then you can tell us through the comment.



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