How Will Blogging Be in the Future? Is It Right to Make a Full-time Career in Blogging?

How Will Blogging Be in the Future? Is It Right to Make a Full-time Career?

If you are also a blogger then you should know what is the future of blogging. How much will it change, what will change? What does a blogger need to do? What should we be ready for?

How Will Blogging Be in the Future

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What is the future of blogging? 

Blogging has become so common that most people choose to blog to earn money online. This is because you have to invest very little in it.

Low investment is fine, along with it people are earning money by creating blogs for free. Now when we think about the future, then the mind is worried about whether people will be able to earn money from blogging in the future or not.

A very good example is if you search on Google, then you will see how many blogs have been written on the same topics, which clearly shows that blogging has become common.

Will blogging end in the future?

The number of viewers on YouTube has increased rapidly in recent times and people are searching for more information through YouTube itself! So in such a situation, many bloggers are also worried about whether blogging will end completely in the coming time?

Even today people read newspapers, so in the same way, if you publish information well through blogs, then in the future also people will like to read information by visiting blogs!

How will the future of blogging be? Is It Right to Make a Full-time Career in Blogging?

This question is asked not only by looking at the future but if we look at the present, then many such Hindi and English bloggers are blogging full time! And if you are running your website, then like every industry, there is competition in Hindi blogging too. 

In such a situation, the same star emerges here whose blog has something unique and attractive.

Also, the good thing is that you can do part-time blogging along with your job, studies, etc. And as soon as you start earning in it, then you can take blogging full time if you start earning money from your blog as much as your other work.

So in short, yes blogging can be made a career! If you believe in yourself and have good knowledge and interest in the niche in which you are writing the article!

So you can be blogging for a long time without getting tired and can also earn good money in it!

How Will Blogging Be in the Future

Content is king

Whether it is English blogging or Hindi blogging content is the most important, so the way people like to visit those blogs! The blogs in which useful information is published through articles, similarly in the coming time also the content of those people who publish useful information for the people will be liked!

Because as always this formula called Content is king will remain intact! So if you publish good content, then in the future your chances of success in blogging are increased.

#1. Infographics and charts with images

As far as I think, blogging will not only include text in the coming times, they are being promoted more, and images, infographic charts, and podcasts will be used with text.

Because it makes them feel that the user can understand the content better. Blogging is not only about writing, but it will be necessary to embed more things along with it. So that's a big thing that will change.

#2. YouTube VS Blogs

Many people feel that blogging content is ending when YouTube videos come, it is also being said to some extent right. Because all the content is being produced in the videos

Due to which the speed of blogging has slowed down a bit. People who used to search on Google, today get their answers by searching directly on YouTube. 

So in the coming time, it may be a little difficult to think that only videos will be seen on YouTube, and people's reading blogs will be reduced.

But the conclusion is that there is no competition between youtube and blogs. Because of the content that we get in blogs, youtube cannot provide as much relevance.

#3. 95% of the information already exists

People who like to read blogs are publishing articles by creating their blogs today. So it is being said that in the coming time only blogs will be there and there will be no one to read.

As far as I know, it is only 35% correct. Because as compared to the year 2020, many new startups have been started in 2021. Now people want to read them to learn.

#4. There will be no traffic on the blog

I laugh to hear that people say blogging is dead. Yes, blogging is indeed dead, but for those who do not know how to do blogging.

Millions of people are still earning money from blogging and will continue to earn. Just the way of earning can change a little. All we can say is that if you are earning $10 a day, then in the coming time you will earn only $5.

Because the traffic is getting divided.

#5. Content quality will be promoted

Still, we have to write high-quality content to rank the post, so this thing will always be there. Today, tomorrow, and the day after. But it is possible that in the coming time, they will be made more strict in 2023, 2024, and 2025.

Those who scam a little today get ranked for a short time. Google will end this thing from the root. Then if someone does something like a scam, he will get a penalty at the same time. This is something that is most likely to happen.


# copying other website information.

 # translate information from one language to another language as Copied content.

#6. Difficult to get Google Ads approval.

Getting Google Adsense approval is not an easy thing. Yes if you are a new blogger. I still see people who say that they are not getting Google Adsense approval.

So I hope it will be made more strict in the future. Due to this if a new blogger takes approval, then it will be a big deal.

What is the future of blogging in the end?

So after seeing and examining all the things, it concludes that blogging has a future, but the amount a blogger is earning today will be divided with other bloggers later.

And earning even a little money at that time can be a big deal. Because in the future, Google's algorithm will become more stringent, only the one who understands will be able to rank.

One important piece of advice from me: Change yourself with time.


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