10 Offbeat Career Options for Students in India - 2022

Offbeat Career Options for Students in India - 2022

Most of the students/candidates in India want to choose Doctor, Engineer, Chartered Accountant (C.A.), Lawyer, Bank Manager, Teacher or Government Jobs, etc as their career option. 

But apart from these mainstream career options, there are some offbeat career options available in India, which can be done as a job or business. 

10 Offbeat Career Options for Students in India

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10 Offbeat Career Options in India

Here in this article, you will get information about some such offbeat career options in India. So let's know about 10 Offbeat Career Options for Students in India.

Tourist Guide

If you are fond of traveling and you like to travel to different beautiful places, then you can turn this hobby into a great career by becoming a tourist guide. A tourist guide mainly tells the tourists about the specialization of any tourist place along with its history and other importance. 


Photography is also a great career option on the list of offbeat career options in India. If you love photography then you can take up photography as a professional career option. 

In the field of photography, options are available to the candidates to become fashion photographers, magazine and newspaper advertising photographers, wedding and ceremony photographers, wildlife photographers, concert photographers, etc.

Merchant Navy

If you want to travel the world for your job and also want to get a good salary then Merchant Navy is a great career option for you. In the Merchant Navy, you can get a starting job in Deck Cadet, Engineer, GP Rating, or Catering Department.

Radio Jockey (R.J.)

10 Offbeat Career Options for Students in India
Radio Jockey (R.J.)

If you are the owner of a beautiful voice and you know the art of engaging the audience by talking about any topic then you can choose a great career option as a Radio Jockey (R.J.). There are many F.M. at different places in India. There Are many channels for vacancies. There are chances of vacancies for the job.


If the field of acting attracts you and you want to get various information related to becoming an actor, an acting career attracts many young people. There are many sectors for an actor in India such as the film industry, TV serials, theatre, advertising world, etc.


Next on our list of offbeat career options in India is that of “Animators”. Professionals working in the field of animation are called animators. An animator mainly works in companies producing cartoon films and serials, video games, gaming apps, etc. 


If you want to choose an out-of-the-box career option in India, then you can also adapt your luck in the field of blogging. For various information related to becoming a blogger, you can read our article "How to become a blogger".

Architectural Expert - [ Vastu Shastra experts ]

Due to the continuous construction of residential and commercial buildings in India, the demand for Vastu Shastra experts [ Architectural Expert ] is always there and there are not many Vastu Shastra experts in India. 

Therefore, an option is also available in front of the candidates who wish to choose out-of-the-box career options in the field of Vastu Shastra.


The career option of a journalist in India is also one of the best career options out of the box. A journalist has the option of doing a job in journalism fields like TV news channels, radio news, newspapers, etc. For complete information related to becoming a journalist, you can read our article "How to become a journalist".

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Friends, in today's article we talked about 10 offbeat career options in India.

If you want career options in India Complete Tutorial then see my JOB article. Here you will get all the topics of career step by step.

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