Limitations of Computer | A Complete Information - With Examples

Limitations of Computer | A Complete Information

The word 'limitations' mainly indicates certain tasks that computers cannot perform.

Computer's working speed, data storage capacity, reliability, and ability to work day and night without getting tired make them better than humans.

The computer can easily beat humans in terms of speed, accuracy, and memory management, but the computer still has some limitations, there are many tasks that computers cannot perform like humans. And today we are going to talk about these limitations of computers.

Today we will know in detail what are the limitations of computers? (Limitations of Computers) and how humans are better than computers in doing certain tasks.

So now without wasting time let's know about the limitations of the computer.

Limitations of Computer  A Complete Information

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Limitations of Computer - With Examples 

There are some limitations of computer systems based on Ability, Dependency, Actions, etc. Which is the following -:

  1. Lack of Common Sense
  2. No IQ or Zero IQ
  3. No Feelings
  4. No Thinking Capability
  5. Cannot Express Ideas
  6. No Decision-Making Ability
  7. No Learning Power
  8. User Dependent
  9. No Implementation Power
  10. Made For Knowledgeable Audience

Let us now know about all these limitations of computers one by one with Examples.

Limitations of Computer | A Complete Information

1. Lack of Common Sense

A computer is an automatic machine that performs tasks according to pre-written programs and logic. If such work is done by the computer about which no program is fitted in the computer, then the computer will not be able to do that work.

Computers do not have any common sense, which is one of the most important limitations of computers.

There is no doubt that computers are fast, reliable and efficient but they lack common sense. Computers function entirely based on stored programs or logic.

Since there are no full-proof algorithms designed for computers that can help them program simple logic, computers cannot make sound and make decisions based on situations or facts.

Let us understand this with an example. Read the following sentence:

“Suresh is red and the one who is holding the wood is a good person.”

The term is based on common sense. If we write this sentence in Word, the computer will not show any error. But any person reading this sentence will say that this sentence is wrong because he has common sense and the computer does not have common sense.

The correct sentence is given below

“Suresh is a good person and the wood he has in his hand is red.”

2. No IQ or Zero IQ

We all know that computers are faster than humans in terms of speed, give accurate results, and are more brilliant than humans but they cannot replace humans as they have zero IQ. 

Zero IQ means that the computer does not have the brain to do anything on its own. They cannot do anything on their own.

Like us humans, the computer does not do any work on its own nor can it take any decision on its own.

Simply, the computer cannot think and understand. Which is another main limitation of computers.

The computer can work continuously without stopping but some tasks require suggestions and ideas to do so. Such tasks can be completed only when the person in front has an IQ (Intelligence Quotient).

Since the computer is a machine that works only according to the pre-written program, it lacks intelligence, it cannot do such tasks which require suggestions and ideas.

No matter how easy or complex the task is, if the computer does not already have a program about it, then it cannot do that work. 

A computer works only when an instruction or program has already been put in it to perform that task.

However, nowadays computers are getting smarter with time as more instructions are given to them than ever before.

3. No Feelings

A computer is a machine. Have you seen a computer cry? Or has a computer rejected your command or instruction? The answer is BIG NO because there is no emotion in it. 

They are not able to differentiate between good and bad because they work according to pre-written programs or instructions.

Computers can work round the clock with the same accuracy and speed as they do not feel tired, bored, jealous, etc.

They do not have their IQ and cannot make their decisions based on logic. They are completely dependent on humans for input. 

But nowadays scientists are engaged in making such computers which can think and feel by themselves. 

An example of this is Sophia, a humanoid robot developed by Hanson Robotics, a Hong Kong-based company.

4. No Thinking Capability

Computers cannot think. A computer is a machine that cannot think of itself. These are machines that are programmed to perform specific tasks.

Computers do not do any work by thinking on their own, they are given instructions to complete that task. A computer without programs is just a box.

Although humans have developed some algorithms to make computers work and think like humans, which is known as Artificial Intelligence. But this concept still depends on the set of instructions and programs which is given by man.

5. Cannot Express Ideas

This is also a limitation of the computer because a computer is a machine and a machine can never express its thoughts and Ideas. So Computers can only work on pre-programmed instructions and given data.

6. No Decision-Making Ability

Limitations of Computer | A Complete Information

Computers cannot make any decisions by themselves like humans, they cannot make decisions. 

Decision-making is a complex task that usually requires elements such as information, intelligence, knowledge. Computers lack all these, so they are unable to make decisions. 

Also, when there is no power supply to the computer, it is just a dead machine.

Computers are not programmed to make decisions by themselves rather than work with logic and algorithms. They work only according to the instructions given by the users.

Let us understand this with an example.

Example -: Mohan, Sulekha, Kavita, Simran, Sophia, Ram, etc. to name a few. 

We, humans, know which name is of boy and which name is of girl, but the computer does not know which name is of boy and which name is of girl because they cannot decide.

They work only according to the pre-given instructions or programs which are given by humans.

7. No Learning Power

Computers do not have the power to learn anything by spending time learning about something like humans, they cannot learn things on their own. They work based on pre-given programs and instructions.

The way we humans learn from our past experiences, computers cannot learn in the same way. 

If we have to do any work from the computer, then for this we will have to give input, again and again, only then the computer will process the result based on our input and output.

8. User Dependent

This is one of the main limitations of computers. Today computers have become very smart but still, they depend on the user to take inputs. If the computer is not given the necessary data to complete a task, it cannot process that task.

The computer always depends on the user. Without human instruction, computers cannot do any work. 

Humanitarian assistance of some sort is always needed in most situations. It cannot function fully on its own without human intervention because how will the computer give output until the computer gets the input?

Simply, the computer does not do any work until the computer receives instructions from humans.

Since computers are programmed by humans and follow the same instructions that are already fitted in the computer, if those instructions are not accurate then the computer will also not be able to work accurately.

A computer is such a machine that once it is switched on, it becomes fully automated. But the computer cannot turn on and off by itself unless there has been any given instruction by a user.

Some modern computers can handle some automated and repetitive tasks on their own, but the user still needs to configure the automated process by monitoring the process and providing accurate data.

9. No Implementation Power

Computers can store large amounts of data and perform complex operations, but they do not have the implementation power. This means that computers cannot implement anything on their own.

Let us understand this with an example.

When you type something on Word, you must have noticed that if a word is wrong then some red line comes under it and as soon as you click on that word then there is an option to correct that word and that word becomes correct. 

This means that the computer is unable to implement and correct the wrong word.

A computer can store a book of law but cannot implement it.

It can store hundreds of guides to solve various problems. But it can only solve the problems it is programmed about.

10. Made For Knowledgeable Audience

Limitations of Computer | A Complete Information

Just as it is necessary to know that machine to run any machine, in the same way, it is necessary to know a computer to run a computer.

Only a person having computer knowledge can use the computer because without computer knowledge you cannot operate the computer. Although it is easy to operate a computer for basic tasks, it may require an IT specialist or programmer to work on some complex tasks.


Friends, in today's article we talked about the Limitations of Computers and know what are the limitations of computers? And how humans are better than computers in performing certain tasks.

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