How to Make a Perfect Resume? In Just 5 Minutes From Mobile - (Free) Resume Builder

Make a Perfect Resume? In Just 5 Minutes From Mobile - With Resume Builder

In this post, we will tell you how to create a resume on mobile for free. A resume is a type of document. Which is mostly used to get a job. if you are looking for any kind of job. Then you should have to make a resume. Because nowadays, Resume is required to get a job in almost all the fields.

So if you also want to make your resume. Then you must read this post till the end. In this post, we have given complete information about creating a resume on mobile. 

But wait do you know what is Resume Document, what is in this document, and why it is used. Because sometimes you are not able to get the job even though you are eligible for the job.

For example, suppose you are applying for the job of such a teacher. For which you are fully qualified. But the resume does not contain your qualifications related to that job.

Then you will get rejected for the job Because your ability is known only by your Resume. That's why we have explained all the information in detail in this post. As; What is a resume, how to make a resume, what information or qualifications should be given in the resume, etc.

How to Make a Perfect Resume

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What is Resume?

A resume is a one or two-page document. Which is used by a person to show his/her introduction, qualifications, education, skills, experience, achievements, etc. It contains almost all the main information of a person in brief. Which is necessary for the job.

Therefore a Resume Document is required for the job. So that all the characteristics of the interviewer can be known from that resume.

Therefore, it is prepared as a kind of job profile according to the need of the job. According to this job profile, the interviewer or recruiters can find out in a short time whether this person is right for the job or not. 

If all the things go correctly, the interview is carried forward. Most people do not know how to make a good resume for the job. If you give the necessary qualities and qualifications for the job in your resume then there is a 90% chance to get selected.

If you can tell the required skills and qualifications for the job to the recruiters or interviewers through the resume. Then this Resume Document proves to be positive for your job. 

At the same time, if the details of skills or qualifications related to the job are not given in it, it proves to be negative for the job. 

And you must have heard an English proverb that “First Impression is the Last Impression”, so in First Impression, you should make all the information well organized and make an attractive Resume. This makes you special among the crowd of thousands. 

Make a Perfect Resume? In Just 5 Minutes From Mobile 

Resumes can be created from any device like a computer or mobile. Although creating a resume on mobile is easier than on a computer. Because Android Mobile has many Resume Maker Applications and Tools. With the help of this, you can create a Good Looking and Attractive Resume by simply entering your information.

The name of this application is Resume Builder By Intelligent CV. This is the easiest way to create a resume on Mobile. 

This is a free application by which a Resume can be created without the internet. This application has 40+ Formats or Templates of Resume, by which you can make a perfect resume Professional Resume.

NOTE - It is very important to know some important things before making a resume. Let us first know those important things.

Things to consider when creating a resume

  • The job for which you want to create your resume. First, read the description of that job thoroughly. From this, it will be known what skills are required for this job. For complete information about the company for which you are thinking of applying for the job. You can check his website.
  • Do not use the short form of most of the words in the resume. Use only Popular Short Form.
  • Pay special attention to the font type and font size of the word used in the resume. Keep the font type and font size in such a way that it is easy to read. So that the interviewer does have to face any problems while reading your resume.
  • Never tell your Weakness and Negative things in a Resume. But when asked during the interview, you can tell.
  • Keep the paragraph at some distance in the resume. In this, you can use Bullets [The Unordered List ]. This will make it look good as well as understand.
  • Limit the resume to one page. But if there is more information, two pages can be used.
  • Do not give any wrong information in the resume. Also the skills or qualifications you have. Give only the right information. Do not make it better, or worse than in reality.

Now let's start the steps to create a resume.

STEP 1. Install the application.

create a resume on mobile

First of all download and install one of the Resume Maker Applications on your phone. Here we are using Resume Builder By Intelligent CV. This application is available on the Play Store. This application comes after searching Resume Builder on the Play Store. By the way, its download link has also been given below.

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STEP 2. Open the Application.

Click on the Open Button and you will land on the app.

STEP 3. Click on create Resume.

create a resume on mobile

When you open this application. Then you get to see the simple interface in it. Below which there are two options: Create and Download. 

A new resume is created by clicking on Create. On the other hand, by clicking on Download, you can see all the resumes created from the beginning till now. Which can be downloaded. We have to create a new resume. So click on Create.

STEP 4. Fill out the Resume Profile section.

create a resume on mobile

After opening the application, click on Create shows the Profile section in this way. There are mainly 6 profile sections here. 

All the information has to be filled in these 6 sections. Therefore, these 6 profile sections have to be filled one by one. Don't forget to save after filling. Let's fill in all the sections one by one.

1. Personal Details

In this section, the personal information of the candidate is given. In which Full Name, Address, Email, and Phone Number are Compulsory. 

You can also put your photo in this section. Which is optional. Apart from this, whatever you want to add is related to Personal Information in this section.

You can add it with the Add Button. As; Nationality, Marital Status, Website, Date of Birth, etc.

2. Education

Education-related information has to be filled in the Education section. Like how educated you are and what is your highest education etc. In which you will get Course or Degree Name, School or University Name, Grade or Score and Year of Course or Degree, etc.

Note:- If the Grade or Score is less. Then don't give this information. Apart from this, start with the highest education.

3. Experience

The experience of your skill has to be told in the Experience Section. In which you have to tell how many years of experience you have in this skill, the name of the skill, etc. 

Like if you have experience in web development. Then how old is this experience, in which company you used to work, job title and it has to be told in some details also.

4. Skills

In the Skills section, you have to add all those skills. Which is related to your job or can help in getting the job. As; Content Writing, Sales, Team building, Problem Solving, HTML, Java, etc. With which the level also has to be selected. Level up to 5. 

  1. Level 1, 2 denotes Beginners.
  2. Level 3 Intermediate. 
  3. Level 4 Advanced, and Level 5 Expert.

5. Objective

In the objective section, a small summary has to be written of how you will grow the company by doing this job.

6. Reference

The information about that person has to be given in the reference section. Who has given you information about this job? 

In which you have to first give that person's name, job title, company name, email, and phone number. References can hold more than one person.

STEP 5. View resume.

When all the above 6 sections are filled. Then click on View CV.

STEP 6. Select Resume Format/Template.

After filling in all the information, click on View CV. Then all the templates of the Resume will be visible. In which there will also be Professional Templates. Which template do you like out of these templates? Click on it.

STEP 7. Download Resume.

When you select one of the templates. Then all your information is made in your Resume according to that template. Which you can download.

STEP 8. Print the resume.

After downloading the resume, you can print this resume. If you have a Printer. Then you can print it through your printer. Otherwise, you can get the printout by going to a Cyber Cafe.

I hope you have understood all the steps.

The Website From Where You Can Create a Perfect Resume?

Similarly, here we have mentioned the names of some websites. From which Resume is made. Because a lot of people keep searching for how to make an online resume? 

So here we have mentioned the name of these websites. So that with the help of these websites, you can create an online resume without downloading the application.


Mobile Application From Where You Can Create a Perfect Resume?

In this post, we have told you how to create a resume from mobile using the Resume Builder Application. 

But apart from Resume Builder, there are many applications too. By which, a beautiful resume can be made. Here we have mentioned the name of some popular and good Resume Maker Applications.

  1. Resume Builder - [ explained in this post ]
  2. Resume Builder App Free CV Maker
  3. Resume Builder & CV Maker
  4. Canva
  5. CV Engineer


Friends, in today's article we talked about how to make a perfect resume? in just 5 minutes from mobile.

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If you still have any questions or doubts related to your career, then you can ask us through comments. I will answer all your questions and you can contact us for more information.

If you think we miss anything then please tell us through the comment section.


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