What is Anchor Text, How Do You Write, & what are Its Types and Benefits?

What is Anchor Text, and How to Enhance Your Link Text and Improve Your SEO

Friends, today we will learn about "Anchor text" in this blog post. In this post, you will get the answer to every question related to anchor text. Like what anchor text is, why it is essential for your SEO, & its types and benefits.

SEO is an essential part of digital marketing. So if you know about SEO, you will also know that there are two types of SEO, On-page and off-page SEO.

Anchor Text

Anchor Text is essential to on-page SEO, which boosts your SEO. Today we will get complete information about anchor text.

So, let us first know what anchor text is.

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What is anchor text?

You may already understand that Google and other search engines rank websites with the help of algorithms. In the report by Google, its algorithm checks more than 200 signals before deciding to rank a page on S.E.R.P.

Even though Google hasn't revealed all the signals, over the years of analysis, it's clear that Anchor text is among Google's 200 odd ranking factors. 

Anchor text is an essential element within hyperlinking that gives users and search engines the context of the page that it is linking. 

Anchor text can also be called a bridging text that connects two different pages contextually within the internet.

Anchor text definition: Anchor Text is a clickable text by clicking on which the user reaches another webpage or website.

“Anchor text is a word in any blog or webpage on which any kind of link has been given. It is a kind of hyperlink only, which connects any other website to your webpage.

This helps in reducing the bounce rate of your website.

Anchor text follows search engine policy, which comes under White Hat SEO.

Anchor text is used to add internal links and external links.

The anchor text can be found in underlined blue Colour, which you can change your website's link colors and styles through your HTML or CSS.

How Wrong Anchor Text Look Like -

Using words like “ Click Here, Read Here, More Information Here.”

How Correct Anchor Text Look Like -

On your anchor text, whatever blog, post, or webpage you want to link, make the word or keyword related to the topic of the same page as your anchor text.

Also, you can use words like SEO Tips and SEO Benefits in Anchor Text.

This is the correct way to create anchor text, As you can see in an Anchor Text example below -

an Anchor Text example

What does an anchor text look like?

Anchor text is the visible characters, and word hyperlinks display when linking to another document or location on the web.

Anchor Text

Why are anchor texts essential for SEO?

As we already know, Backlinks and Internal-External Linking are essential in SEO.

And for good linking in any post, you must use anchor text correctly.

If you use the correct Anchor Text in your post, then you get a good ranking in Google.

To rank well in S.E.R.P.s, you must Anchor text in your post.

Types of anchor text -

Anchor text is relevant for both internal links and your incoming external links. External sites can link to your content in various ways.

  1. Branded links: A link with your brand name as an anchor, like AKASH TIMES.
  2. The URL itself: Just your site's URL without a text, like https://akashtimes.com. Not that helpful in most instances.
  3. Site name: written as akashtimes.com.
  4. Article or page title: Exact matching the page title, like What is anchor text?
  5. Exact keywords: Your focus keyword/keyphrase as anchor text
  6. Partially matching keywords: Using variants of your focus keyword to make a readable link.
  7. Related keywords: Not a direct match, but a keyword or keyphrase that is closely related to the main one.
  8. Generic links: Avoid these ‘Click here and ‘Read more links. Tell people what a link is about. Otherwise, they're guessing.

The Benefits of Good Anchor Text on Your Website

  • This leads to an original traffic increase on your website.
  • Your users also go to the linked topic, due to which your site's bounce rate is reduced.
  • The Average Time of your site also increases with Anchor Text, and the Page Views also increase.
  • Your post gets SEO benefits from Anchor Text if you use your anchor keyword.

So these are some of the significant benefits of Anchor Text.


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