How to Write SEO-Friendly Eye-catching Blog Post Titles?

Tips to Write SEO-Friendly Blog Post Titles - How to Choose the Best Title for a Blog Post

After creating a blog or website, we write posts for our blog to increase the blog's traffic. But along with making the post most unique, it is also essential to make its title eye-catching & SEO-friendly.

Before visitors visit your blog post, They will read your post's title, and if you do not keep your post title attractive, visitors will not read your post; it's 100% sure.

Because they think they are not going to get their problem answered in your post, and they will sift to another blog post whose title is more attractive & eye-catching than yours.

"If 200 people on the Internet read the headline of your post, and only 20 people click on it."
This fact tells us that if you want to make your blog or website popular on the internet, then how much importance is your headline? 

Your headline is the GATE of your content. If people like it, then there is a high chance that they will open this gate and come to read your content.
On the other hand, if the title of your content does not impress people, then there is a high chance that people will not read your content, no matter how great you have written the content.

So read this article till last to get all your answers. “Best Formula to Write Blog Post Titles.”


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How to Create Eye-catching, SEO-Friendly Blog Post Titles? Top 10 Types of Blog Post Titles That Users Love

You can quickly increase the blog's traffic using the best formula to write blog post titles below. By sharing this type of blog post in your blog, you will get a good result very soon.

#1. How to [one of the best headlines]

Are you also a regular internet user? If yes, then you must search How To once every day. Every internet user searches How To Query. Also, this is the most searched term in Google's search queries. This topic can prove to be very good for a new blogger.


  • How to create a website for business
  • How to create a blogger website
  • How to create a google sheet

#2. Write Tutorial as Your Headline

Talking about the age group of internet users, most of the users are in the age group of 15 to 35 years. Such people always want to learn something new. Perhaps you, too, must have searched SEO Tutorial in Hindi or SEO Tutorial in English many times. Therefore, you can increase the blog's traffic by using the word Tutorial in Blog Post Title.


  • HTML Tutorial for Beginners
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tutorial for Beginners

#3. Write Step By Step Guide

Some people like Step by Step Guide more when they search Tutorial or How To Guide. Therefore, whenever you publish a Tutorial or How-To Guide related post, As a New Blogger, it would be good to use the term Step by Step Guide in the post title.


  • A step-by-step guide to creating a website
  • Step-by-step guide for starting a new business

#4. "Top 10" Or "Top 20" 

Top 10 is the most searched term in List Post. Today many bloggers publish only Top 10 Related Posts Because The top 10 Post is suitable for all categories.


  • Top 10 business ideas in India
  • Top 10 wealthiest people in the world

#5. Start with Number

Start With Number means start Post Title with Numbers. This is also like Top 10. But instead of the Top 10, any other number can also be used here. Users like this type of post title very much.


  • 2020 most prosperous person in the world?
  • 15 wealthiest countries in the world?

#6. Write a Headline with Trending Topic "keyword."

For example, A video ( Manike Mage Hithe ) has gone viral in a very short time, sung by a female singer, "Yohani." It means that the video is Trending. 

So people start searching for that girl over the internet, her name, age, where she belongs, etc.

Therefore, As a result, you can also publish posts that are currently popular. However, this kind of topic only lasts for a short time. 

But, This method can additionally increase revenue and page views.

#7. Create Catchy Titles With keyword Infographic

Many people do not know about Info Graphics. InfoGraphic means a Post is made in an Image. 

Some bloggers use Info Graphic in their posts. For Info Graphic Post, there should be good knowledge of Image Editing.


  • 40 best infographics for the share market?
  • 20+ Creative Ways to Use Infographics for Marketing

#8. Reviews 

Today there are many such Youtube Channels and Websites earning millions from reviews. Reviews are also an excellent topic for a new startup. 

Reviews include Mobile Reviews, Computer (Laptop/Desktop) Reviews, Technology Reviews, Automobile Reviews, and Entertainment (Film, Song, Serial) Reviews. This topic has a perfect scope.

#9. Interview 

Have you heard the name producer-director Karan Johar? He hosts a program named Koffee with Karan. In this show, He invites the successful person and talks to them about their life; perhaps this is why this show is popular! 

Even today, there are many such blogs where the interview of popular or successful people is published. 

Such blogs also rank quickly. As a new blogger, you can try it too because everyone wants to know all the secrets of a successful person.

#10. Use Biography as Your Main Headline

A biography is also like an Interview. But in the interview, we publish that gossip after talking to someone. Whereas in Biography, we write about a successful or popular personality. Biography is also the most searched term on the Internet.


  • Biography of Apj Abdul kalam and his road map
  • Biography of Mahendra Singh Dhoni


Friends, according to my expertise, I have written complete information about “Blog Post Title Users Like Most” to help you. If this post is favorable for you or not, please tell me by commenting.

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