20 Ways to Monetize Your Blog or Website and Make Money Online

How to Monetize a Blog and make money from blogging 

If Daily Traffic of 2k to 5k comes on your blog, you can easily earn up to $ 1000 a month.

But the first requirement for any blog is a good user base.

When you fulfill the requirement of Consistent Good Traffic, after that, you can monetize your blog in many ways.

In this post, I will tell you different ways to monetize a blog and how to earn money online.

Monetize Your Blog or Website

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Effective Ways to Monetize Your Blog and Earn Money Online

In today's time, every person wants to earn good money sitting at home by working online, and blogging is a way through which you can make money online by working a few hours from your home.

So, Let's know “Best Ways to Monetize Your Blog and Make Money Online.”

1. Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing

The easiest way to earn money from Affiliate Marketing is to associate with a company or person and promote its product or service online.

You can earn money by selling their products and services online with the help of your website, blog, YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account.

Suppose you sell a product or service by doing affiliate marketing. In that case, you get a commission on it, and that commission is your actual earnings.

How much commission do you get in “Affiliate Marketing.”

There is no limit on how much commission can be earned from affiliate marketing. 

The more products you sell through you, the more your earnings will be.  

For Example - If you get a commission of 50 rupees on a product and 10 people have ordered the product from your affiliate link. If all these 10 sales are successful, then you will get a total of 500 rupees. 

But sell a product to your 100 people according to the commission of 50 rupees. You will earn 5,000 rupees—similarly, 50,000 rupees for selling a product to 1000 people. 

If the price of the product you are selling is high, you will get more commission on it, but if the product or service you are selling is priced less, you will get less commission on it.

2. Earn Money By Writing Reviews On The Website

You can earn money from your website by writing a paid review of the product related to the niche in which your website is present.

You can write a review of the product on your website according to your visitor's interest. You can contact the company yourself to write a Paid Review.

For Example - Everyone can join Affiliate Program! Many online stores sell templates and themes for WordPress & blogger.com Or website Hosting, where you can join their Affiliate Program and earn lots of money.

Here you have to write a good review for their products as you write a blog post, by reading which your visitors will generate interest, and they can buy that product,

As I explained above, you will get a commission in Affiliate Program by selling other products.

3. Earn Money By Accepting Sponsored Posts

When a company asks you to sponsor their product and tell about their product on your website, it is called sponsored post. In return, the company pays you good money.

With sponsored posts and reviews, a blogger will charge a company a price to write about their product on the blog and give their opinion of it. 

The product gets revealed to the blogger’s audience, and the brand gets more exposure and new customers.

4. You Can Earn Money Through Google AdSense.

Earn Money Through Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the most popular and easiest way to monetize the website. You have to show Google AdSense Ads on your website, and if someone clicks on Visitor Ads, you get paid for it.

If you have good traffic on your website, then you can earn millions from your website through Google Ads. Many websites make lots of money from their website through Google Ads.

5. Earn Money From The Website By Placing Ads From Other Ad Networks

Apart from Google AdSense Approval, there are many such Ad Networks whose ads you can earn money by running on your website.

There are many Ad Networks in the market whose approval you will get easily. You can earn good money by showing their ads on your website.

6. Establish a Virtual Summit in Your Niche

Establish a Virtual Summit in Your Niche

If you keep up with internet trends, you’ve probably heard about or even attended virtual summits.

Keep in mind that virtual summits or web conferences are different from webinars.

The main distinction is that virtual summits are much more interactive and exciting. 

They’re essentially conferences you can attend online with a host, Q&A sessions, and multiple speakers covering a specific topic.

Now, while the virtual summits are usually free to attend, you can only access them for a limited time. 

The organizer produces most of their revenue from selling an “all-access pass” that allows attendees to go over the conference material anytime.

Tom Morkers, who runs the $100k Launch School summit, earned more than $20,000 from selling all access passes after one summit.

7. Earn Money By Selling E-Book On a Website

Earn Money By Selling E-Book

The complete form of an E-Book is Electronic Book. It is a digital book that is read on mobile or computer.

You can create an E-Book of your content and then sell it. You can earn money from the website even by selling E-Book.

8. Earn Money By Selling Online Courses On The Website

Earn Money By Selling Online Courses

You can make and sell online courses if you are an expert in something or like to teach. With this, you will get an audience from different places. If they like your courses, they will buy from you, and you can generate a good amount of money by creating & selling Courses Online.

You must have heard the name Udemy; here, you will find many courses on different topics and a prominent place to buy and sell online courses.

If you make a course, you first keep it free so that the value of that course increases, and if people start liking the course, they will begin reviewing it.

Due to this the value of your course will increase more and then if you make them as a paid course you can earn a lot of money. 

You will find many other websites like Udemy on the internet where you can sell your course.

9. Earn Money From the Website by Giving Yor Own Service 

You can also earn money by giving your service to other people. Like a blogger, you can make money by writing content, website design, SEO, or getting AdSense approval for other new bloggers.

10. Earn Money From the Website By Working As a Freelancer

As a freelancer, you can help new bloggers to set up their blogs or website; for this, you can take some charge from them.

If someone asks you for WordPress Blog Setup, you can ask them to purchase Hosting through your Affiliate links. 

Instead, you offer them a discount on Blog Setup Service!

As a freelancer, you can work according to your Niche.

11. Earn Money By Accepting Guest Posts

Suppose your website Domain Authority (PA) and Page Authority (PA) are high. In that case, many bloggers and companies will contact you for a guest post related to their niche. By posting guest posts, traffic will come to their blog, and their popularity will also increase.

If your website's authority is high, you can earn money from your website even by accepting Guest posts.

12. Earn Money By Giving Backlink From the Website

Earn Money By Giving Backlink

You can also earn money by giving backlinks to other websites on your website. To sell backlinks, your website should be a high authority website; then, only the owners of other websites will contact you to get backlinks.

13. Earn Money From the Website By Selling Your Product

If you have a product of your own, then you can sell your product through your online website. Many companies sell their products by creating their own website.

14. Earn Money From the Website By Creating Online Store

You can create your own online store on WordPress through Woo Commerce Plugin. To create an online store, you must have your products to sell online for this method.

15. Creating WordPress Plugin And Theme

If you are a developer, you can make and sell WordPress plugins and themes. You can also sell them on your own website, or you can also sell them on a website like themeforest.net Marketplace.

16. You Can Earn By Creating Private Forum

You can create a Private Forum. To join Private Forum, the user will have to pay some money. 

In the Forum, any user can get the answer to every question from you. And can also get advice and help from other people associated with the Forum.

To create a private forum, you will have to become an expert in your niche because you are taking money from the user, so every question they ask must be answered accurately.

17. Earn Money By Selling the Website

If you know how to make a website, you can also earn money from it. Many people do not have enough time to build a website, so they buy a ready-made website. You can sell to such people by making a website.

18. Selling Graphic (Image)

If you know Graphic Designing, then you can make & sell Designs like Vector Images, Logos on your website.

19. Selling Ad Space

You can sell your Ad Space to a company on your website. And for each Ad Space, you can fix a price. Like Header Ads – 100 $ Per Month, you can also sell Sidebar Ads and Footer Ad space.

But for this method, your website should have a good user base. Then only big companies will contact you.

20. Earn From the Website By Accepting Donation From Visitors

You can also accept donations by adding Donations Button on your website; for this, you can enable Paypal, google pay, or other payment methods on the Blog. It depends on your readers if they want to give. 

You can get donations on the WordPress website using WPForms.

Blogspot users can manually use Google Forms to place their respective Bank account numbers; Where they want to get their Donations.  

As you know, blogger.com do not have any payment gateway.


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