How to Make a Website on WordPress? A Complete Beginner's Guide

WordPress Tutorial for Newbies Step by Step | Full Details of WordPress

Friends, if you also want to create your new WordPress website and do not know "how to make a website on WordPress, then you have come to the right place.
This post will tell you "how you can create a WordPress website" So, friends, let's start without delay.


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What Is WordPress? And How to Install WordPress: The Shortest and Easiest Methods

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system called CMS; this software is built with the help of PHP and MySQL, which is used to create blogs and websites. 

With the help of WordPress, you can make any website you want, and today people from all over the world use WordPress to create their blogs and websites.

Its interface is so easy that even a small child can create his blog and website easily.

Moreover, over 75% of highly professional blogs worldwide are created from the WordPress platform.

Because of this, you do not need technical knowledge without coding expertise like (HTML, CSS, and JAVA Script).

To create a blog in WordPress, you need three things:-
  • Niche
  • Domain Name
  • Hosting

If you know how to access a computer, laptop, or Internet, you can also create your blog with WordPress.

Types of WordPress?

There are two types of WordPress:-

  • One is and
  • The second one is

Both of these look and sound similar, but both are entirely different from each other, and when you create your blog or website, you have to choose the right platform for you. Vs. Full Comparison

So read this complete guide to know which platform is right for you. By which you will automatically understand the difference between and Let's start and understand both topics one by one:- is the only popular platform you have heard about, and it is a free, open-source Content Management System (CMS) from which you can create your blog and website.

We also call a Self-Hosted Platform because you need a domain and hosting to create a blog and website here. You have complete control over the blog and website created from this platform.

"If you want to create a WordPress blog, you should choose" because you have complete control over and are free to use. 

Here, you have to buy only one Hosting, and you can create your WordPress from that Hosting. 

You can create your blog by installing with one click.

Although many web hosting companies are in the market, But you need to buy trustworthy web hosting to start a profitable online business. 

Because a good blog and website need the best Hosting, suppose your website server goes down or if anything goes wrong with your Hosting, then what will happen? 

If someone tries to open your website, they will see a bad connection issue.

So, it is essential to buy an excellent hosting service.

NOTE: Good Hosting service is not enough to make a website on WordPress; you all have to buy a domain name, For example -, to make the website look professionally good so your website user can trust you. is a hosted software as a services platform from where you can create your blog and website. Here, you do not need to purchase Hosting; they have their own monthly plan.

This is a hosting platform like Godaddy, where you can host your WordPress website. The co-founder of WordPress has also created this, and that is why people remain confused between these two.  

Here hosting plans are given like Godaddy; according to this, you must pay monthly charges for hosting your website. 

It also provides free Hosting, but it has many limitations, such as if you create a website with a free hosting plan, then it puts some ads on your site for which you do not get any payment, and you have to pay to remove these ads.

For all the premium services, you have to purchase their plan.

Their Paid Plan is something like this:-

Free Plan₹0/- month
Personal₹160/- month
Premium ₹280/- month
Business ₹640/- month
eCommerce₹1152/- month

Note - If you want to make money earning blog, then you should choose only{alertInfo}

How To Install WordPress (Step-by-Step Guide)

WordPress is a very well-known platform for creating a website or starting a blog. Most hosting companies provide a 1-click WordPress installation facility inside their control panel. 

If you do not have a 1-Click WordPress installation inside your hosting control panel, then it simply means that maybe your Hosting is not that good; you have taken the wrong Hosting.

Well, if you are thinking of getting a new hosting, then take it from A2 Hosting. In A2 Hosting, you get cPanel and a 1-Click WordPress installation facility to easily install WordPress. 

Before installing WordPress, you have to see whether your domain is connected to hosting or not; if you have purchased the domain from an outside website like GoDaddy or NameCheap, then, first of all, you have to link your domain to hosting.{alertSuccess}

So let's see "How to install WordPress with the help of 1-Click" WordPress Installation in cPanel.

STEP 1: Log in to cPanel and click on the WordPress icon

cPanel WordPress Installation

  • First of all, you log in to your Hosting's cPanel; if you want, you can log in directly to cPanel itself, or many hosting companies (such as A2 Hosting) provide the facility of direct login to cPanel from their dashboard itself, so you can also log in from there directly.
  • Now find the icon of WordPress and click on it.

On the next page, click on the "Install Now" button to install WordPress.

STEP 2: Install WordPress by filling in all the details

After that new page will, here you have to fill in all the details as follows -

  • First of all, here, you have to choose the protocol; if you have an SSL certificate installed, you can select HTTPS; otherwise, you choose HTTP only. If you want, you can also take www.
  • Then you choose the domain name on which you want to install WordPress. Leave the "in directory" option blank, or your WordPress will install in a sub-directory.
  • Then you can fill in "Site Name" and "Site Description" you can also leave this option blank if you want, and you can change it later.
  • Now you have to fill in "Username," "Password," and "Admin Email Address" you fill these things in carefully and write it someplace. 
Then you click on the "Install" button below; it will take some time for WordPress to be installed, and your WordPress will be installed within a few minutes.
  • Then there, you will find "Site URL" and "WordPress Login URL." Now you can create your own blog or website by logging into your WordPress.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a WordPress Website?

Now you told WordPress is free, then where is the expense coming from?

The expense of a WordPress comes from:-
  • WordPress hosting
  • Domain Name
  • Design ( Theme )
  • Plugins and Extensions

Here's a brief rundown of the WordPress pricing factors you'll need to budget for - when using

What's the cost? How much is it? One-off, monthly, or annual?
Domain Name $12 Annual
Hosting $2.95 – $49.95 Monthly
Pre-made Themes $0 – $200 One-off
Plugins $0 – $1,000 A mixture
Security $50 – $550 A mixture
Developer Fees (optional) $0 – $1,000 One-off

NOTE: Prices and costs depend on our budget; if you want to purchase this product from high-rated companies, you must pay a reasonable amount. 

But on the other hand, other small companies provide Domain name and Hosting services at low prices. So do well research before making a WordPress website.

What can be done with WordPress?

Now let's see what types of websites we can create with WordPress:

  • Affiliate Website
  • Auction website
  • Blog
  • Business Directory
  • Business website
  • Classified Ad
  • Coupon website
  • eCommerce site
  • Forum
  • Job Board
  • Job portal
  • Membership Website
  • Multilingual Websites
  • News website
  • Online Course selling website
  • Online examination site
  • Personal website
  • Photo Gallery
  • Podcast
  • Portfolio
  • Question answer website
  • Real Estate Websites
  • Review site
  • School/College Websites
  • Social network
  • Static website
  • Wiki sites

With WordPress, you can create almost any website on the Internet.

Features of WordPress That You Should Probably Know

Let us now know a few features of WordPress; this CMS has many such features which make this platform the most suitable for users as follows -

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - If you want traffic, then optimizing the website for the search engine is essential, and WordPress helps you a lot in this work. If you wish, you can also use SEO plugins to improve your ranking.

Plugins - Suppose you want to extend the features of your website without any coding knowledge. In that case, all the plugins which you need are available here.

Easily Manage Your Website Content - Easily manage your website's content as much as possible, whenever you like; with the intuitive WordPress content management system, you can log in from any browser and modify your website without programming knowledge.

NOTE: So, friend, these three points are the major reason, why people use WordPress, there are many excellent features of WordPress too, but I do not want to write because this will make our article unnecessarily lengthy.

Advantages and Disadvantages of WordPress Website?

Advantages and Disadvantages of WordPress Website to deliver an idea of how WordPress will be useful for your business. 

As per investigations done by W3Techs, out of the top TEN million websites on the web, WordPress carries more than 34% market share. 

While comparing the previous years, WordPress's market share keeps increasing gradually, reaching 37.7% from 34.1%.

Advantages of WordPress?

1. Advantage: User-Friendly CMS

As it is a CMS-based website, utilizing WordPress will permit the site's admin to edit the pages, navigate via the backend of the web page, and update the new content.

Without coding and website management skills, website owners or bloggers can edit and maintain their websites.

2. Advantage: Plugins

WordPress contains more than 45,000 plugins available for almost all functions. It doesn't matter whether you need to enhance the SEO or run an analysis of your website; you can find the plugins for any work.

3. Advantage: SEO-Friendly

WordPress has multiple plugins which are developed specifically for SEO purposes. Some people may have a tough time adding the meta description and title. 

By adding available "SEO WordPress Plugins," you can make your blog or website SEO-friendly. 

Not just that, but when it arrives to optimization, WordPress is also an excellent tutor. 

WordPress helps you recognize the multiple used words in your web pages that can be used as keywords to make your page more search engine friendly.

4. Advantage: Responsive Websites

With the growing usage of smartphones for browsing, designing a mobile-friendly website is essential for user Experience (UX) and as well as, for SEO. 

Most of the WordPress themes are responsive and come with a mobile-friendly design.

5. Advantage: Open-Source Community

It is open-source software, and WordPress developers can share the source code online with different programmers too. This will preserve a lot of time and expense.

All these points we checked above are the advantages of WordPress. Now let's check the disadvantages of WordPress. 

Disadvantages of WordPress?

1. Disadvantages: Require Lots of Plugins For Extra Features

WordPress and its plugins offer several updates. Therefore, all the plugin requires to be updated all the time manually. 

However, if you like to add extra features to your website, your agency would have to search for plugins on WordPress. For example, if you want to add the Best SEO Plugins to your website, you must download All in One SEO, Yoast SEO or Rank Math.

30% of plugins are free on WordPress, and others come with a cost.

2. Disadvantages: Slow Page Speed

Using lots of plugins can slow down the speed of your site. However, those are not the only things that can slow down your website. Big images, a lot of wording on a page, and unreliable Hosting can affect your website speed.

Page speed is essential to your website. You want a fast-loading website that can make your users stay on your site; otherwise, they will decide to leave, which can cause you to lose business because they won't see what you offer.

3. Disadvantages: Regular Theme and Plugin Updates

In the digital age, things are continuously changing to help and enhance the user experience.

Your agency would have to regularly log on to your site to review the dashboard to see if your theme or plugins need to be updated. 

Don't forget the technical glitches and errors do happen. You can also experience broken links, or your site can go down or crash.

4. Disadvantages: Poor SEO Ranking

WordPress offers limited SEO optimizing features in its packages, which is insufficient to help you rank on Google.

To rank in WordPress, you need effective plugins to manage your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

5. Disadvantages: Website Can Go Down Without any Warning

Websites can go down for many reasons without any notification.

If you aren't spending time and attention on your site, you may face this problem. 

It could be down for a few hours or even days, negatively affecting your business.

Then you have to hire an agency to assist in the right way, to solve all your problem; that is another expense you don't wish to possess.

What is Blogging Niche?

The first step to creating a blog is choosing a niche for your blog, which is the first and most important step. Let us understand what a niche is. What is the meaning of niche? And how you can use this -

Blog Niche means Topic.

For example: If someone made a news blog, then in it, he would write only about the current news, sports news, etc., and if someone made a blog of FOOD recipes, then he would write posts related to recipes in it.

Before creating a blog, you have to think about which Topic you can write about because once you select the niche, you will not be able to change it or write about the Topic of health or sports in the food blog.

That's why you must pay attention to many things before choosing a blogging niche, and NOTE that choosing the wrong niche can ruin all your hard work.

How to choose a Profitable Blogging niche?

Interest  & passion:

You can make your blog on that Topic on which you are interested, and you are curious to know the things related to it, about which you talk more, search or think like - sports, fashion, finance, economy, education, parenting, travels, kids, family, food, health and anything else.

Google Trending: 

You can also write the Topic on trending thing which is going over the world. There was a time when the PUBG game was very much on the market; for many years, many people used to search about this game. 

You will find many youtube videos and blogs on it. The searches were too many.

So you can also choose your Topic like this, which people want to know, and you can start your blog.


Suppose you have any skills or have some other experience. In that case, you can create a blog and teach people online with the help of your blogs.

Such as, if you have excel on the computer or have knowledge of words, DIY or home decor, Gardening, OR You can make your blog on kids training, family and parenting, cooking, or whatever you like.

Choosing a Domain Name?


Congratulations! If you have already chosen your Blogging Niche, The next step is to choose a good domain name.

Domain Name is the name of your website, which later becomes the brand name of your online blogging business.

You can choose the domain name in two ways:-

  • Generic Domain Name
  • Keywords-based Domain Name

Generic Domain Name:

You can take anything in Generic Domain Name; you can also bring your name; there is no restriction for you in choosing the domain name of your blog.

You can use whatever words you like; for example, two trendy blogs on generic domain names are and 

Keywords-based Domain Name

A keyword domain is a domain name containing keywords about your business, products, services, etc. An example of a keyword domain would be, which sell smartphone and laptops.

NOTE: Always use top level domain such as .com, .net, .org

Where and how to buy a domain

As Domain Name is a service you rent from someone, you have to choose a very reliable and trustworthy company for these services.

Who is always with you 24 × 7 for any technical support?

The three companies that I use mainly for taking Domain Name are:-

  • Godaddy
  • Namecheap
  • Hostinger

Before buying a domain name, you have to keep some things in mind, such as:-

  • The Domain you are purchasing should not be an expired domain.
  • Once you buy an expired Domain, check the Penalty for that Domain.
  • Always purchase High-Quality Domain such as com, .net, and .org
  • Buy from a good domain name provider company.

Buy Hosting for WordPress Blog?

Buy Hosting for WordPress

Web hosting is a web server that provides space for a website on the Internet. When you connect your website with Hosting, then your website can be viewed through the Internet in any part of the world.

In simple words, Hosting is where you store your website and blog so that your website and blog are available on the Internet 24×7 hrs.

WordPress is a Self Hosted Platform where if you want to create your blog, then you have to purchase your hosting if you do not know that:-

Although there are many web hosting companies in the market, if I talk about Affordable and Cheap Web Hosting with Best with All Required Features, then those two are:-

  • Bluehost
  • Hostinger

How To Buy Bluehost Hosting?

If you live in India or a country near India, purchase Bluehost Hosting Server from,

If your target audience is from India, you should buy your hosting server from

And if your Target Audience is US or UK, then you take hosting from to purchase their server.

NOTE: As per your budget and requirements, you can buy your Hosting. From my side, I suggest you buy hosting from Bluehost Hosting.


Friends, according to my expertise, I have written complete information about "How to Make a Website on WordPress" to help you. If this post is favorable for you or not, please tell me by commenting.

If you liked this post, do not forget to share it with your friends so they can get information about it.

You can ask us through comments if you still have questions or doubts, I will answer all your questions, and you can contact us for more information.

Please tell us through the comment section if you think we miss anything.



1 Q. Can I do blogging in Hindi?

ANS. Yes! You can blog in Hindi. You are free to represent yourself in any language you are comfortable with. 

Hindi is a widely-used language on the Internet today. There are massive numbers of blogs available in Hindi on the Internet today on different subjects and topics.

2 Q. Can I get my multi-language Hindi/English blog approved by AdSense?

ANS. Yes! Google AdSense approves multi-language blogs like Hindi, English, and Hindi-English mixed in all languages.

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