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HTML documents can be used to create web pages using professional HTML editors. But for learning, simple editors (Notepad, TextEdit) should be used. 

Are you looking for “Best FREE HTML Code editors Tools” to learn HTML or create web pages in HTML? If you answer yes, this article “HTML editor” is for you.

In this article, you will get answers: What are HTML editors? Its types. What advantages of using HTML editors? And for web development, which HTML code editors tools should be used? Everything is explained in detail.

So, stay till the last of this article; we will tell you the “Best HTML Code Editor in 2023”.

Best HTML Code Editor

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What is an HTML Editor?

HTML Code editor is a software tool. Used for web page or web development. The HTML editor tool is used to create a webpage or website and modify the code.

All the web documents are written in code before one or the other text editor. In which HTML elements tags (such as header, body, paragraph, table, etc.) are used.

If you are learning HTML, so I recommend simple text editors like Notepad (for PC users.) and TextEdit (for Mac users) to learn HTML.

Types of HTML Code editors

HTML editors can be distinguished into two types one is text-based HTML editors and the other is WYSIWYG editors.

1. What are WYSIWYG editors?

If you do not know much HTML knowledge, you can design web pages using “The WYSIWYG editor”. The full name of WYSIWYG is “what you see is what you get”.

You can edit the code like an HTML editor and make the website's layout.

Suppose you have posted a blog on CMS like WordPress, Blogger or Joomla, etc. So you must know that HTML and CSS are not used while writing the post.

All you have to do is write the content in the plain text editor and publish it.

All these CMS blog systems use WYSIWYG editors. In this editor, the text, images, videos etc., to be written are directly converted into HTML and CSS.

2. What are text-based HTML editors?

This type of editor is very simple. In this, you should know HTML to create or edit HTML documents. This means you should know how to use HTML tags.

Advantages of HTML Editor

One of the most significant advantages of an HTML editor is that it allows users to check their syntax quickly.

Allows commonly used HTML tags and structures to be inserted and provides auto-completion.

  1. An HTML editor provides complete control to the developer.
  2. Provides lots of customization options through themes.
  3. Can handle large HTML files easily.
  4. With the help of HTML code editors, it is possible to create websites quickly and at a faster rate.
  5. The HTML editor can be translated into other languages such as XML, JavaScript, etc.

For example, Notepad, TextEdit etc.

There are also many professional code editors (such as Notepad++, brackets, atom, visual studio code etc.). Which provides a correction function, syntax errors highlights, and autocomplete function.

  • HTML documents Web pages can be created and modified using professional HTML editors. But for learning, simple editors (Notepad, TextEdit) should be used.

Learn HTML Using Notepad or TextEdit

Web pages can be made and adjusted by using professional HTML editors.

However, we suggest a simple text editor like Notepad (PC) or TextEdit (Mac) for learning HTML.

Using a simple text editor is an excellent way to learn HTML.

Observe the steps below to make your first web page with Notepad or TextEdit.

Step 1: Open Notepad (PC)

Windows 8 or later:

Open the Start Screen (the window symbol at the bottom left of your screen). “Type Notepad”.

Windows 7 or earlier:

Open Start > Programs > Accessories > Notepad

Step 1: Open TextEdit (Mac users)

On Mac systems, first, click the Finder to open TextEdit. Now choose Application.

From Applications, open a new document by clicking on TextEdit.

In simple Open Finder > Applications > TextEdit

Step 2: Compose Some HTML

Now write the HTML code in your text editor, copy and paste the HTML code given below or see and type it:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Your Page Title</title>

<h1> First Heading</h1>
<p> Your first paragraph.</p>


Step 3: Save the HTML Page

After writing the code, now save the text file:

  • To save the File, click on File and click on Save.
  • Document the file "index.htm" and specify the encoding to UTF-8 (the best encoding for HTML files).
save HTML Code Editor output

Note: It is mandatory to save the File with a “.html” or “.htm” extension.

Step 4: View HTML Page in Web Browser

To view the HTML page in a web browser, open the saved HTML file by double-clicking on it; you can use (Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet explore, etc.)

Or choose your favorite browser from “Open with” by right-clicking the mouse.

The output will look like this

HTML Code Editor output

Top 5 Best HTML Code Editors in 2023

1. Visual Studio Code: 

This is a trendy code editor; it has debugging, syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, snippets, and embedded Git etc.

2. Sublime Text Editor: 

It is a cross-platform source code editor. You can download and use Sublime Text for free.

3. Notepad++: 

If you use Microsoft Windows, then the Notepad++ editor is best for you.

4. Atom: 

It is a free and open-source text and source code editor. You can write HTML code by installing it in Windows, macOS, or Linux.

5. Adobe Dreamweaver: 

It is a simple web development tool. Using this, you can create web pages even without writing code. But for this, you have to buy it, and it is not free.

What are the properties of the HTML editor:

The HTML code editor is a text editing tool that allows developers to write, edit, and save a code document. 

It has features that aid in the writing and editing of code. Features of the HTML editor include Auto-completion (or code completion).{alertSuccess}


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