HTML br Tag: How to use it in your web pages

What is the HTML <br> Tag and How Does It Work? Best Practices for Using the HTML <br> Tag in Your Code

HTML br Tag

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HTML <br> Tag: A Complete Guide

HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, is the standard markup language used to create web pages. HTML allows web developers to structure content on a page using a variety of tags, including the <br> tag.

The HTML <br> tag is a self-closing tag used in HTML markup language to create a line break or carriage return in text. 

When the <<br> tag is used, the text following the tag will appear on the next line, starting at the left margin. 

This tag is commonly used to add vertical spacing between elements on a web page, such as between paragraphs, headings, or lists. 

The <br> tag is a simple yet useful tool that can improve the readability and layout of HTML documents. 

However, it should be used sparingly, and web developers should also consider using CSS for spacing and layout whenever possible.


The syntax for the <br> tag is very simple:


The <br> tag is used within the body of an HTML document, typically between paragraphs of text or within a heading. 

It can also be used within lists or tables to create spacing between items.

Example Usage:

Here's an example of how the <br> tag can be used in HTML:

<p>My name is John Doe.</p>
<p>I am a web developer.</p>
<p>Here is my contact information:</p>

<p>Phone: 555-1234<br>Email:</p>{codeBox}

In this example, the <br> tag is used to create a line break between the phone number and email address, so that they appear on separate lines.


The <br> tag does not have any attributes.

Best Practices:

Here are a few best practices to keep in mind when using the <br> tag in your HTML code:

  • Use <br> sparingly. While the <br> tag can be useful for creating spacing between lines of text, overuse of this tag can make your code difficult to read and maintain.

  • Consider using CSS for spacing. Instead of relying solely on the <br> tag for spacing, consider using CSS to create more precise and consistent spacing between elements on your page.

  • Use semantic HTML. The <br> tag is a presentational tag, meaning it is used to modify the appearance of text rather than the structure of the page. Whenever possible, use semantic HTML tags to structure your content, such as <p> for paragraphs or <h1> for headings.


The <br> tag is a simple yet valuable HTML tag that can be used to create line breaks and spacing between elements on a web page. 

While it should be used sparingly, it can be a helpful tool for formatting text and creating a more readable page layout. 

By following best practices and using semantic HTML, you can ensure that your code is clean, maintainable, and accessible to all users.


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