Last updated on October 18th, 2022
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HTML Formatter - Utilize this HTML formatter online tool to beautify HTML. Enter your minified or obfuscated HTML in the code editor, then click on format HTML button to make it pretty, clean, and readable.



About our HTML Formatter

  • If you Want to format or beautify HTML? Then paste your HTML file in the code editor and let the HTML formatter format validate and print your HTML data into a pretty, human-readable form.
  • Complimentary and easy-to-use online HTML formatter tool for developers.
  • This HTML formatter beautifies HTML locally on your device, which indicates no data is uploaded to the server.
  • HTML formatter supports 5 indentation levels: 2 spaces, 3 spaces, 4 spaces, 8 spaces and tabs. Choose indentation level ( 4 spaces by default) as your choice to format your HTML code.
  • It has the functionality to wrap lines near by specific characters or do not wrap lines.
  • It allows to remove of all extra new lines or allows a specific number of new lines between tokens.

How to Use our HTML Formatter?

  • STEP 1 Paste your HTML code inside the input box (top side).
  • STEP 2 Click the “Format HTML” button and wait for the HTML formatter tool to finish formatting your code.
  • STEP 3 If you’ve done it correctly, the formatted HTML code should now appear in the output box (bottom side).
  • STEP 4 Feel free to use the quick copy button to copy the code.
Online HTML Formatter | HTML Beautifier

Our Online HTML Formatter | HTML Beautifier Features

  1. It’s the best HTML formatter online tool to format/beautify your HTML.
  2. It allows you to upload HTML file and format it instantly.
  3. It allows you to copy formatted HTML data.
  4. You can use this HTML formatter as HTML validator, HTML viewer or HTML editor.