The following hardware is required for computer audio -

Hardware for Audio

  • A sound card

Sound cards are essential for all multimedia computers. Sound cards are originally designed for playback digitization recording and compression of sound files. The new sound cards use an open architecture that uses a multipurpose digital signal processor (DSP) as the main controller for all audio signals in the digital domain. The feature of the system is a dedicated microprocessor specifically designed to derive the computation incentive algorithm which is the reed bone of the new audio technology. The use of DSP gives the sound card the ability to perform digital filtering, anti-aliasing, noise shaping, and compression, etc.

  • Input devices such as microphones that record music's voice or any other type of sound in the computer for audio input. The converter of the soundboard serves to digitize the input sound.
  • Output devices such as speakers or headphones are for audio-recorded output. The D / A converter of the soundboard works by converting the sound from digital to analog form.
  • Sound editors cut and paste sound clippings and add special effects.
  • MIDI devices are also used as both input and output devices for audio data.
  • Synthesized sound can also be generated using a keyboard and sound sequencer software on a computer.
  • Audio mixers are used to combine sound with synchronization points of multiple channels such as controls.

Software for Audio

In addition to the above-mentioned tools and devices, the following capabilities are essential for a multimedia computer system with audio capability.

Audio clips

With the help of audio clips (pre-made sound effect music and narration), anyone can directly select, import, and use audio in a multimedia application. This saves both time and labor. If a similar audio clip is made, it takes a lot of time and effort.

Software for high-quality sound

Multimedia applications require very high-quality audio so that the sound can be reproduced effectively. It is not only important to use the necessary hardware but software support is also necessary for recording and playback high-quality audio.

Recording and Playback Capability

A multimedia system with audio capability. Allows the user to control and record an audio sequence. For example, it provides the user with options such as pauses and replays to the sound sequence.

Voice recognition software

It is used to identify the speaker of a given voice. In this, the complete information of each voice poker, as well as other voice cassettes, is also stored in a database. The given voice is matched to them.

Text to speech and speech to text conversion software

Software is also needed to convert the written text to the corresponding sound and the speech to the corresponding text.

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