What is the sound channel in terms of hardware?

It is necessary to visualize and work in terms of the basic equipment package for the time period of the stage before the presentation, the specific content of each type of package from one studio to another studio, from rental house to another rental house, and from a mixer.

Differs from other mixers. Members of the industry use these terminologies simply for the sake of "equipment package", "channel" is a synonym for terminology.

One Mick Channel

The One Mick channel is the most basic in the normal sound recording package. It has a Nagra 4.2 sync recorder, headphones, a condenser shotgun microphone, a small mic cable.

Stage channel

State Channel is a complete sound recording package for making movies in theater style. The content usually includes the following - a Nagra 4.2, production mixing panel, sound card, fishpool, three condenser mixes, duplex mic cable, a few feet of the first signal mick cable, etc. The term stage channel is derived from the concept of filming on the sound stage. All basic sound recording tools are available, but displacement devices and special equipment are not included.

Location channel

The idea behind the location channel is that we have two nagaras as well as a complete complement of microphones and necessary equipment. The word Aadambar is a magic word. Location channels are similar to stage channels, they have two nagaras and a lot of equipment for main setup and contingency, besides radio mixes.

Video mic channel

The Video Mick channel is a full stage channel except that it does not have a Nagra recorder. It is for film-style video production and the sound card mixing panel incorporates Sysfol condenser mix etc.


In terms of programming, the Sound Channel is a line of sound instructions arranged by the Sound Manager. Along with this, she also keeps the information about other sounds being played on the channel.

The sounds to be installed in the channel are sent in a first in first out (FIFO) manner while processing and translating to the application or the sound manager itself.

The application can open various channels for analog output on audio hardware. The quality and number of acoustic channels acquired are limited by the speed of the machine, mainly by CPU speed.

Currently, the Sound Manager cable supports multiple channels of sound on machines that are built with Apple Sound Chip or analog hardware.

To maintain maximum compatibility between machines for your application, you should always check the operating system, so that you can ensure that it has the ability to play multiple channels of sample sound.

There are 8 sound channels available in it. You can use the Sound Channel object in a script to convert and access one of these 8 sound channels.

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