What is the color and style palette?

Colors and style palettes are in a floating box like a toolbox. They are used to add, delete, or adjust the colors and styles used in the Pagemaker document. The color and style are displayed automatically when a new PageMaker document is started, but additional palettes on the screen can be added by selecting it from the Window menu.

How to display color and style palette

Style pallet

This palette is used with the Text tool to apply a style above a paragraph or to see the name of an applied style. You can see it by ordering Show Styles in the Window menu or by pressing B (Ctrl + B) Button with the control.

Special work related to Stylo is available in its palette menu, which you can open by clicking the arrow button near its right corner. In this, actions to duplicate, improve, etc. are available, you can also create your new style. And they can be applied to any paragraph.

Color pallet

A color palette is used to give different colors to font graphics, etc. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Red, Green, Blue, None, Paper, Registration, etc. colors are displayed by default in the color palette. If you want, you can also display colors.

To display the color palette, select Show Colors from the Window menu, and use it to apply the color to the selected text or object or to see the name or type of the applied color.

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