Control Palette in Page Maker in PageMaker 7.0

The PageMaker Control Palette

The Pagemaker Control Palette displays the settings and properties of the selected text, object, or paragraph. It also enables you to adjust these settings and properties so that your text and images can be manipulated.

  • To display the Control Palette

Click the Window menu, and then choose Show Control Pallet from the drop-down box.

  • To hide the control palette

Click the Window menu, and then choose Hide Control Palette from the drop-down box.

The Different Modes of the PageMaker Control Panel

From the toolbox, the model in the control palette changes depending on the tool you select. Each mode offers different functions and enables you to manipulate your text and images by adjusting the settings in the control palette.

Character and Paragraph Modes

When you are in the layout view or in the story editor, you can use the control palette to format the text. You can switch between two modes to format your text:

  • Character Mode
  • Paragraph Mode

Character Mode

This mode is used to change Character Attributes. When you select the text tool, the control palette will be displayed in character mode. It displays the properties of one or more characters in your text, including the fonts, types size, typestyle, leading, Kerning, tracking, and width of your text.

Paragraph Mode

This mode is used to display and change the characteristics of one or more selected paragraphs. You can adjust attributes such as paragraph styles, indentation, alignment, paragraph spacing, and alignment as well as grid alignment and grid spacing.

Using the Control Palette in Object Mode

When you select an object, the control palette is displayed in object mode. It displays and lets you adjust the properties of your object, including reference point, size, position, cropping, scaling, and printer resolution as well as horizontal and vertical reflections. You can skew, scale, or rotate objects using the control palette in object mode.

Three Other Modes of the Control Palette

The Pointer Mode

  • The pointer view indicates the X and Y coordinates of your pointer as you move it within the PageMaker window.

Placed Object Mode

  • When you select an image using your pointer tool, the Place Object View will display information on that graphic, such as its height, width, and coordinates. It also gives you options to crop, scale and rotate the image.

In-Line Graphic Mode

  • The in-line graphic view displays information about a selected image relative to the text that is around it. This enables you to crop the image, as well as increase or decrease the space between the image and the text around it.

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