Text in Adobe PageMaker

A text box is a "container" for your text. This is a limited area on your document that is designed to hold text. The text that you type in your document is automatically enclosed in a text box. You can set the size by creating a text box before you start typing in PageMaker. You can resize and even change the size of your text boxes using the pointer tool.

How to Create a Text Box in Page Maker 7.0

  • Click on the Text tool in the toolbox.
  • Move your cursor back to your document. Your cursor will change to I-Beam after you move it to the document.
  • Click anywhere on your document within the margin guide, and then drag the mouse to the right to create a rectangular box.
  • Release the mouse when you have created a text box. Your cursor will automatically be located inside the box.
  • Start writing in your text box. You can also paste the text into a text box.
  • Once you are done typing in your text, click the pointer tool in the toolbox and select the text box.

Quick Tip: If you start typing, the text is too small for you, then click the View menu and select Zoom In.


Once you have created a text box and typed your text, you can edit it as much as you want in PageMaker.

  • Click on the text tool from the toolbox.
  • Place the cursor at the beginning of the text you want to format.
  • Click and drag the I-beam over the text to select it.
  • Edit the selected text as follows

To Delete Text

  • Tap the Delete key or just start typing, which will replace the selected text.
  • Or click on the Edit menu and then select Clear.

To copy or move the text

  • Click on the Edit menu
  • Select cut, copy or paste the command

To change the typestyle

  • Click on the Type menu.
  • Choose the option you want

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